Second & Third Trimesters: Fats and Fiber


New year and new days ahead with my growing baby boy in tow. I really wanted to share the final segment of my experience during the last few trimesters. Aside from carrying an extra 20lb’s, I enjoyed the remainder of my pregnancy with nutrient-dense methods to nourish my body, the baby’s growth and to support my immune system.

In the last 196 days of pregnancy (or for myself it was 191 days), there are - as you can imagine, many nutrients required from your diet to not only help your baby develop but also maintain your levels so you don’t become deficient on behalf of being pregnant. As with anything, being in touch with what you and your body needs is different than anyone else, everyone is individual, (this is just what worked for myself.) There are so many I can’t list them all, but below are a few important ones I read about that were pretty crucial.

First comes the FAT! Yes! The stuff food companies have been trying to have you avoid. I’m talking, good fats, omega-3 fatty acids or most importantly, DHA which is vital to baby’s brain, organ and eye development - especially in the last trimester and beyond. 1 (Fallon, 2013). It’s alo very important for prevention of post-partum depression, the baby sucks you dry of this stuff! Sources are, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed organic animal fats, fatty fish like wild caught salmon or organ meats like liver.

Also, more accessible and so important, fiber. Specifically from plant-based sources like vegetables, dark leafy greens and fruits. These help regulate blood sugar levels, which promotes healthy hormonal balances and strengthens the immune system. I love throwing some swiss chard or spinach into my scrambled eggs or stews. Anywhere I could add it in I would! Along the same lines, the one very crucial mineral I seemed to crave for was calcium. With osteporosis running in my family, I saw how important it is to have more the recommended daily value, since the baby needs so much to develop. If I wasn’t consuming loads of foods like sesame seeds, almonds, raw dairy goods and leafy greens, my body would take the calcium from my own bones. Yikes! As well as balanced foods a regular yoga practice, or other strength training helps maintain bone density, which is also significant for bone health. So fingers crossed, these little efforts help myself and you, if you find yourself with a bun in the oven!